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Find the perfect groom's suit

There are clichés, conventions and traditions, we advise you first of all to find the outfit that suits you, in accordance with your personality and that of your partner, without worrying about the rest.

When should I come and choose my costume?

If you want to have the widest possible choice, we advise you to make your first appointment to find the suit between 6 to 12 months before the wedding.

How long does it take to make a bespoke suit?

Our lead times, depending on the supplier, are 2 to 4 months. Some suppliers have shorter lead times (don't wait until the last minute). For latecomers, don't panic, we always have costumes in our stock.

Can I come at any time for a fitting?

Our showroom is open by appointment and on request, including on public holidays or weekends and outside office hours in order to adapt to the life of each bride and groom.

Le Tissu et la Saison

Costume Trois-Pièces

Le costume trois-pièces avec gilet est une option classique qui apporte une touche d'élégance à votre tenue de mariage. Il est idéal pour les mariages formels.


Pour un mariage plus chic et sophistiqué, le smoking est un excellent choix. Il se caractérise par un pantalon noir, une veste noire à revers en satin et une chemise blanche. Ne pas oublier le nœud papillon noir.

Costume Deux-Pièces

Le costume deux-pièces est polyvalent et adapté à la plupart des types de mariages. Il se compose d'une veste et d'un pantalon assortis.

Les Accessoires Font la Différence

Les accessoires sont essentiels pour parfaire votre look de mariage. Une cravate, une pochette de costume, des boutons de manchette et une montre élégante peuvent ajouter une touche de sophistication à votre tenue. Assurez-vous que vos chaussures soient en harmonie avec le reste de votre costume.

The price of a suit 

Our price range extends from 790.00 euros to 2,500.00 euros as our offers range from 2-piece suits to complete suits with shirt and accessories.

Most important

The most important thing is your marriage. Enjoy the moment. We do everything to ensure that you and your loved ones have a pleasant, friendly and unforgettable time. Don't be stopped by the price, come and discover the collection and our know-how. We work with very serious partners who are passionate about their profession. Our greatest achievement is your happiness.


Tailor-made suits:

What is certain is that the price range is very wide: a bespoke suit can cost from €500 to more than €4,000..

Bespoke suits under €500:

If you want a bespoke suit and have no pretensions when it comes to quality of fabric and workmanship, it won't be that hard to find what you're looking for online for less than $500. The web is full of sites that aim to offer a tailor-made service at very low prices.
What you will get, however, will most likely be a piece of fabric of questionable composition and quality, made without attention to detail, and which will be part of your wardrobe for a few seasons at most.

A made-to-measure suit around €600 will indeed be a better investment than that made for any branded ready-to-wear suit and, if the fabrics and workmanship are certified, you can look forward to wearing a sartorial quality product.

Bespoke suits between €500 and €1,500

AAngelotoma Made in Italy suit and an Enzo Romano Made in Spain suit made with quality Italian fabrics that respect the environment.

If you are looking for a completely Made in Italy product, made with quality Italian fabrics and respectful of the environment and tradition, you will find at a catalog of fully customizable bespoke suits from €1,300, up to a maximum of €2,000 (the price only varies depending on the fabric chosen).
Around €1,500, you can find various luxury products in stores (Made in Italy and not only) which maintain a good quality/price ratio, but which are positioned quite close to the cost of a custom-made garment.

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